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HYbrid Laminar Flow TEChnology

HYLTEC was a 3-year multinational EU research project. Industrial partners and research institutions work together in the areas of aircraft aerodynamics, structures, systems and operations in order to find out more about the applicability of air flow laminarisation by surface suction. This technology represents one of the possible measures for considerably reducing future aircraft drag - minimising fuel consumption, thus reducing emissions and cost. The project emphasis was on enabling the disciplines to establish common retrofit requirements for existing modern aircraft and design rules for future projects. Test results (wind tunnel and operational), theoretical approaches (structure design and CFD tools) and more general design considerations (systems and layout) shall lead to a more global understanding of how to proceed with future developments. Project coordinator is DaimlerChrylser Aerospace Airbus. The workshare allocated to the Aircraft Design Group at the Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics of TU Berlin is centered around the configurational and overall performance implications on a retrofitted compared to an existing or new design, on a preliminary design level.

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